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The World Is Energy-Hungry!

Finding Ways to Feed This Hunger

The world as we know it continues to evolve with ever-increasing rapidity and a major driving force of this evolution is our ability to provide the needed power to run our technologies.

Estimates call for a doubling of the world population by the middle of the 21st century. To meet the demands of this population the continued economic growth of all countries - especially those now considered Second or Third World - is imperative. To keep pace with the changing population and new technologies world economic output will need to increase 300 to 500 percent by 2050. It is estimated that per capita income for most of the currently developing countries will have surpassed the levels of today's developed countries by 2100.

All of this means that there will continue to be more and more demands put on the energy production and delivery systems of the entire world. Even allowing for improvement in the technologies in the energy arena, it is estimated that there will be a 2 to 3-fold increase in primary energy requirements by 2050, and another 2 to 5-fold increase by 2100.

Brittney Energy Consultants was conceived to assist with matching of energy needs and energy availabilities. It is our goal to help bridge the information gap so that the technologies and techniques for developing energy sources can be properly applied to fill the needs of tomorrow's world economy.

SOURCE: 1998 report by the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis & World Energy Council



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